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Granular Calcium Cyanamide
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Granular Calcium Cyanamide

Name: Granular Calcium Cyanamide

Molecular Formula: CaCN2

CAS No.:156-62-7

Appearance: Black Grey Granule


1. Soil disinfection

To decrease the soil-borne disease, such as club root, rhizoctonia disease, blight, etc., to solve the problem of continuous planting, to enhance the seedling emergence ration and resistance of the crop.

2. Pest control

To reduce the hazard of soil insects and drive snail and river snail away, and to allay the nematoid if for long term use.

3. Benefit the soil

Improve the soil structure and regulate the soil acidity to accommodate the growth of the crop.

4. Protection of environment


Granular Calcium Cyanamide

Package: Packed in net 20kg plastic bag.

Storage and transportation: Stored in cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. Handle with care when transportation, loading and unloading. Away from moisture.

Granular Calcium Cyanamide

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